Participating in an honors program can propel your career goals to new heights. The work is demanding, and you may test your limits, but the rewards are great! Students who participate in honors programs, courses and societies learn to think critically, work collaboratively and solve real-world problems.

University Honors Program

The (UHP) offers a specially designed curriculum, small classes and dedicated faculty for high-achieving students. This multi-year program is open by invitation-only and gives you the experience of a small college with the opportunities of a world-class research university.

students in a row clapping for a presentation

Honor Societies

swag外流 has a number of . These groups are departmental, professional, local and national organizations whose memberships are based on outstanding academic achievement. Just a few of the societies represented at swag外流 are , , , and the . Many offer scholarships to recognize the most academically deserving students.

Regents Scholar Society

The (RSS) is part of the larger University of California Regents Scholarship program, one of the highest honors awarded by the university that is reflective of academic excellence, leadership and exceptional promise. Membership in the student-run honor society is open to students awarded the Regents Scholarship at swag外流 and provides opportunities for professional development, networking and community service.