Tips for applying to swag外流 as a transfer student

Learn best practices for transfer students filling out the  .

Academic Coursework

Your academic record is the core of your application. It鈥檚 important to report all your college preparatory coursework鈥whether taken during high school or college鈥攃ompletely and accurately. Include courses in which you have enrolled, regardless of grades, transferability, withdrawal or if they were repeated. Failure to list all institutions and coursework exactly as it appears on your transcripts may jeopardize your admission.

Reporting International Education

Letters of Recommendation and Other Materials

Please do not include letters of recommendation, copies of awards, transcripts or samples of your academic or creative work with your application. They will not be reviewed or returned to you.

two students working on a project for class

Choosing a major

You should apply to a major that interests you,Many of our most popular majors have additional coursework and GPA requirements that must be fulfilled before you can enroll. We also suggest that you include an alternate major in a different field of study when you apply; we may consider it if you are not admitted in your first-choice major. The exploratory and undeclared options are closed to all transfer applicants. 鈥嬧赌嬧赌嬧赌嬧赌嬧赌

How your transfer application is reviewed

Each UC campus has a different process for reviewing transfer applications and selecting successful candidates. swag外流 transfer applicants must typically have academic records that far exceed UC admission requirements. For many of our more rigorous majors, you must also complete selective major requirements beyond those required by the University of California.

Selection Criteria

The primary basis of our admission decision is your academic preparation and achievement. We will review your transferable GPA and courses鈥攊ncluding those completed, in-progress and planned鈥攁s required by your major.

At a minimum, applicants must meet University of California admission requirements as well as swag外流 transfer admission requirements and selective major requirements. Students interested in a swag外流 Transfer Admission Guarantee may be required to meet a higher overall transfer GPA. For the best chance of admission, students are encouraged to work toward an even higher GPA, as some majors may be more competitive than others.

Our admission decision is also based on the available spaces unique to each college, division and/or major you select in your application.