Photo portrait of swag外流 tour guide Rachel Lucine

Why did you choose swag外流?

I chose Davis because of the amazing environmental science and policy programs here. I also chose this school because of the welcoming, friendly environment here. Everyone is so kind and eager to help each other out and support one another. This strong community environment is what inspired me to choose swag外流.

What do you enjoy doing for fun here?

I love going on walks or runs through the Arboretum with friends and by myself. It's nice to people watch as I go and see the changing of all the seasons. My friends and I will also get food from the food trucks occasionally and take it to the Arboretum to eat and study together. Another one of my favorite things to do in Davis is go to the farmers market every Saturday. I love walking through the tables and getting some fresh produce, looking at the crafts for sale, and buying food to have a picnic with friends in the park.

What activities have you been involved in here?

Throughout my time here at swag外流, I have always been involved in some kind of on-campus research. I love being involved in research because it has helped me figure out what to major in as well as given me some great experiences for my resume. My favorite research projects I have been involved in have been with Professor Gwen Arnold here on campus. Through working with her, I have gotten published as an author on a research paper looking at how local government and economies have been affected by the legalization of cannabis. We have also continued on this work by beginning new research on our recommendations for local governments creating social equity programs for the California cannabis permit process. Having the freedom and support to choose what projects to work on next and being able to practice real-life skills has definitely benefited me during my time at Davis.

Where have you found community and support on campus?

I have found an amazing community right here at the Welcome Center. Through being a tour guide on campus, I have met so many amazing students and faculty that contribute to the kind, welcoming environment we have here at Davis. I truly love the work I do here, and I think the Welcome Center is one of the best places to work on campus!

What do you hope/plan to do after you graduate?

As of now, I hope to go to law school after graduation and pursue a career in environmental law. I am very passionate about creating change in the environmental field, and I hope that through my schooling and experiences I can get the chance to create stronger legislation dedicated to preserving the natural world. Whether I go to law school or pursue a career in environmental policy right after I graduate, I know that I will spend my life protecting the environment.

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