Photo portrait of swag外流 tour guide Missy Zepeda

Tell us a little about you.

I am a California native raised in the Central Valley surrounded by lots of my family members. Bakersfield was my home until I packed up my stuff and headed the 4.5 hours north to Davis.

Why did you choose swag外流?

I chose swag外流 for the community. I enjoyed the small town feel of downtown, and everyone I talked to all said how friendly and helpful everyone was. After being here for a couple years now, I can agree that the community is great.

What do you enjoy doing for fun here?

While in Davis, a walk in the Arboretum is pretty hard to beat. It's so nice to just meet up with friends and get outside for a bit. With Sacramento so close, there are lots of small concert venues I enjoy taking a trip to visit as well.

What activities have you been involved in here?

Some on-campus activities I've been a part of include: being a tour guide for swag外流 Undergraduate Admissions where I also joined the Student Ambassador Council, spending a quarter as a PLS 021 intern, participating in the tour guide tube polo rec team, and volunteering for a few of the CAES service trips!

What do you like about academics and student life here?

I appreciate that even with a high academic standard, I feel supported by my peers rather than competitive. In every class I've taken, I have been able to reach out to classmates to form study groups.

Where have you found community and support on campus?

One of the main ways I found community my freshman year was living in the dorms. All the students I was surrounded by were going through similar classes as me and most were excited to meet new people as well. Through some of the socials I attended, I was able to meet great friends and find people to navigate the first year of college with, many of which are still great friends.

How has swag外流 helped you grow?

My time at swag外流 has helped me grow into a more independent person. Having to pack all my stuff and move away from home seemed nerve-racking at first, but once arriving I found myself thriving and ready to continue taking on life.

How do you feel swag外流 is preparing you for success?

Having resources like the Internship and Career Center so accessible and easy to use is immensely helpful. Also, there are so many labs and internships offered directly on campus, which are great ways to prepare for a career.

What has surprised you about swag外流?

One thing that surprised me about swag外流 is how many classes are offered here. There is such a wide range of topics that are taught. I can always count on finding a new topic I may not have previously considered studying but seems interesting.

What would you tell prospective students about swag外流?

Remember that it is okay to not know everything. When I was a high school senior looking into what major to study, I felt like I needed to know exactly what I wanted to do as a career. I thought everyone else already had it figured out. Coming to campus, I realized there is plenty of time to figure out my interests and strengths, and I ended up changing my major to something I really enjoy.

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