Photo portrait of swag外流 tour guide Christina Saunders

Why did you choose swag外流?

After growing up in San Francisco, I was ready for a change from big city life. Instantly I fell in love with the smaller, community-based city of Davis. The best part is that I can bike myself anywhere!

What activities have you been involved in here?

At swag外流, I work for Undergraduate Admissions as a Tour Guide, and I spend my free time with the Outdoor Crew, a fun club that goes hiking and on camping trips (including Death Valley and Yosemite!), and with Davis Alpine Ski and Snowboard Team, where we ski in Tahoe!

What do you like about academics and student life here?

I love how easy the transition is from academics to student life. On an average day, right after class I am engulfed in a sea of students and friends at the swag外流 Quad.

Where have you found community and support on campus?

Academically, professors are more than willing to dedicate office hours to helping me and my classmates with difficult concepts. Socially, I feel accepted by the various clubs that I have immersed myself in, such as the Outdoor Crew!

What would you tell prospective students about swag外流?

Davis has such a sweet community that really makes me feel welcome. It鈥檚 my dream school that I wasn鈥檛 even aware of while I was in high school! Come take a tour!