Where is swag外流?

Our main campus borders the Northern California city of Davis. We鈥檙e also located in Sacramento, the state capital, where swag外流 Health is headquartered.

swag外流 Welcome Center

Planning to visit swag外流? Please use the directions and parking information below to arrive at the swag外流 Welcome Center. If you鈥檇 like to use your GPS, enter 550 Alumni Lane, Davis, CA 95616 as your destination or .

Parking at swag外流

A valid swag外流 permit is required to park on campus. swag外流 uses , an app that allows drivers to conduct parking permit transactions from their mobile devices. Visit for daily .

 may park without displaying an additional permit, and may park in spaces where swag外流 DSA permits are honored. Disabled placards/plates are not valid in restricted spaces (such as 1 hour A permit spaces), loading zones, red zones, center core and reserved areas.

We encourage you to wear walking shoes and bring a water bottle to take advantage of filtered drinking water available at hydration stations throughout campus.

Parking locations